Monday, December 15, 2008

The Valley of Kings in my OWN words and some cool facts...

The Valley of Kings.Okay so the Valley of Kings is a place where a bunch of dead boring people were buried? WRONG! The Valley of Kings is actually interesting. Early Pharaohs were buried in large stone pyramids.Most Pharaohs were men, but a few woman ruled Ancient Egypt too! In the 18th dynasty, Queen Hatsheput became a pharaoh. She dressed in men's clothing to perhaps play the pharaohs role better. Many of the large pyramids were built during a time period of of ancient Egypt, called the Old Kingdom. This period took place around 3700-4700 years ago. I know what your thinking dang! that was a while ago. Each tomb has features that make it valuable to scientists. King Tuts tomb was one of the most important tombs ever found. Scientists found more treasures than there are in any other tomb in the valley. Almost all Pharaohs were buried in the Valley of Kings. Did you know the Valley of Kings has one main road. Also the Arabic name for The Valley of Kings is Wadi Biban al Moluk. SO now you see how important the Valley of Kings really is.

Did being bbburied in the Valley of Kings mean something special?

Being buried in the Valley of the Kings means that they were Ancient kings and queens and they served their job well. Ancient kings and queens were buried because they meant something to people.

About how many kings and queens were buried here every year. How did they commonly die?

Some kings and Kings would die by people killing them! How rude! also they could die of old age. Around 3 kings would die every year. When they died they could be buried in the valley of kings.

Discuss how big the Valley of Kings was. Compare it to pyramids.

Lets Discuss. A mile is 5280 feet. The Valley of kings was around, 14256000 miles. Pyramids were around, 770880 miles. SO after doing so math The Valley of Kings is about 18 pyramids.

Who were the most important kings or queens buried in the Valley of Kings?

There was one king and one queen. They were called by the name of King Tut was very important because, he was so young.Queen Hasaphere was also important because she was the only queen buried here, in the Valley of Kings. OMG wouldn't that be so cool to be the only queen in a famous valley.

who were buried in the Valley of Kings?

Ancient Kings and Kings were buried in the Valley of Kings. BTW its pretty much in the topic.